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Barbara Reyes

    Associate Professor, History
    Director, Southwest Hispanic Research Institute

Departmental Website

Photo: Barbara  Reyes

Associate Professor Barbara Reyes received an appointment in the Department of History at The University of New Mexico in 2000. In addition to her work within the department, Reyes is the Director of the Southwest Hispanic Research Institute at UNM. Offering courses for undergraduate and graduate students, her teaching covers topics related to Mexican immigration to the US, the history of the Southwest, the construction of race and gender in relation to immigration history, among other topics. Reyes specializes in Chicana/o, borderlands, and immigration histories with a focus on race, gender, ethnicity and transnational studies. 


  • PhD in History, University of California at San Diego (2000)
  • MA in Latin American Studies, University of California at San Diego (1992)
  • BA in Sociology and Communication, University of California at San Diego (1981)

Research Areas

  • Hispanic Frontier History
  • History of Baja California
  • Immigration History
  • Mexican Revolution

Country Specialization(s)

  • Mexico
  • US-Mexico Border

Latin American Studies Courses

*Latin America-related courses offered during the past three years*

  • HIST 465 Mexican Immigration
  • HIST 363 Early Mexican Americans
  • HIST 500 History of U.S. Immigration
  • HIST 643 Hispanic Frontiers
  • HIST 678 Seminar: Race, Gender, Immigration
  • HIST 685 Seminar: Women of the Borderlands