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People: Affiliated Faculty Directory

This is a directory of the LAII's current affiliated faculty. To see faculty within a given department, click on the "Department" heading to sort the list alphabetically by department. To see faculty with a given area of expertise, conduct a search (using the search box to the right) using either country names or keywords (e.g., "labor," "ethnography," or "evolution").

Name Name Department Specialization
Name Name Department Specialization
Abdallah, Chaouki Abdallah, Chaouki Provost Office Staff
Provost / Executive Vice President for Administrative Affairs
Systems theory, adaptive control, nonlinear systems, robotics, robust control, fault detection
Allen, Ricky Lee Allen, Ricky Lee Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies
Associate Professor
Sociology of education; critical studies of whiteness; critical race theory; and critical pedagogy.
Alonso-Minutti, Ana R. Alonso-Minutti, Ana R. Music
Assistant Professor
Mexico: contemporary music; 20th-century avant-gardes; cosmopolitanism; intellectual elites; intersections between music, poetry, and the visual arts; oral history; historiography and canon formation.
Alverson, Dale Alverson, Dale Health
Professor Emeritus
Telehealth and cybermedicine research
Avalos, Adan Avalos, Adan Cinematic Arts
Assistant Professor
Latin American and US/Latino Film; Media Consumption/Production
Axelrod, Melissa Axelrod, Melissa Linguistics
Guatemala: Linguistic research on Ixil Maya
Baca, Dorothy Baca, Dorothy Theatre and Dance
Clothing of the Spanish colonial period of New Mexico
Barnet-Sánchez, Holly Barnet-Sanchez, Holly Art History
Associate Professor and Associate Dean
19th and 20th century Latin American art history
Bieber, Judy Bieber, Judy History
Associate Professor
Brazil: 19th century, Imperial period, race & ethnicity, regional politics; Latin America: Comparative slavery and race relations, state formation and economic development, frontiers and borderlands, race, politics
Binder, Melissa Binder, Melissa Economics
Associate Professor
Mexico: Education and economic development
Blum-Martinez, Rebecca Blum-Martinez, Rebecca Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies
Mexico: Educational system, socialization patterns and culture, migration, Mexican students in U.S. schools
Bohara, Alok Bohara, Alok Economics
Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Brazil: economic policy and development comparisons
Boone, James Boone, James Anthropology
Europe, Iberian Peninsula, and North Africa: Complex societies; evolutionary ecology; Medieval Period
Borden, Allison Borden, Allison Educational Leadership
Associate Professor
Bilingual education; school leadership in Latin America
Brown, James Brown, James Biology
Distinguished Professor
Community ecology and biogeography: granivory in desert ecosystems; biogeography of insular habitats; structure of dynamics of geographic-scale assemblages of many species
Brulotte, Ronda Brulotte, Ronda Anthropology
Assistant Professor
Mexico: Material culture; art and aesthetics; tourism; heritage; food studies
Burr, Sherri Burr, Sherri Law
Regents Professor
International law; intellectual property law; art law; entertainment law; wills and trust
Candelaria, Michael Candelaria, Michael Philosophy, Religion
Lecturer III
Philosophy and religious studies; Miguel de Unamuno; Antonio Casas
Cárdenas-Rotunno, Anthony Cardenas-Rotunno, Anthony Spanish and Portuguese
Medieval literature (Golden Age); Cervantes; 17th century New Mexican texts
Carson, Evan Carson, Evan Biology
Research Assistant Professor
Mexico: evolution, population genetics, and the conservation of desert fishes
Cargas, Sarita Cargas, Sarita Honors College
Assistant Professor
Human rights, pedagogy of critical thinking, indigenous Rights
Cartwright, Kate Cartwright, Kate Public Administration
Assistant Professor
Structural factors and social determinants of health, development of racial and ethnic disparities, immigrant communities
Castillo, Tim Castillo, Tim Architecture
Associate Professor
Strategies for design: informatics, digital media, CAD/CAM processes
Celedon-Pattichis, Sylvia Celedon-Pattichis, Sylvia Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies
Linguistic and cultural influences on the teaching and learning of mathematics by second language learners and/or minority student populations
Cerrato, José M. Cerrato, Jose M. Environmental Engineering
Assistant Professor
Honduras: sustainable infrastructure for safe drinking water supply to improve the quality of life in developing countries.
Coes, Donald Coes, Donald Economics
Professor Emeritus
Brazilian and American energy policies; trade policy between the U.S. and Latin America; comparative economics of Brazil and China.
Coleman, Finnie Coleman, Finnie English, Africana Studies
Associate Professor
African-American literature; African-American history; Hip Hop culture
Collier, Mary Jane Collier, Mary Jane Communication and Journalism
Intercultural communication, conflict and mediation
Cornejo, Kency Cornejo, Kency Art & Art History
Assistant Professor
Central America: art and art history with emphasis on intersection between race, gender, and coloniality
Covarrubias, Patricia Covarrubias, Patricia Communication and Journalism
Associate Professor
Mexico: Interpersonal relations; intercultural competence
Crawford-Garrett, Katherine Crawford-Garrett, Katherine Teacher Education
Assistant Professor
Neoliberal models of school reform; critical literacy; teacher narratives; practitioner inquiry.
Crowe, Terry Crowe, Terry Occupational Therapy
Mexico: traditional medicine
Daitz, Ben Daitz, Ben Family and Community Medicine
Professor Emeritus
Bolivia and Peru: Medical and anthropological work among the Tsimane and Machiguenga Indians of the Amazon
de los Santos, Cármelo de los Santos, Carmelo Music
Associate Professor
Music of Portugal and Brazil
Dever, Susan Dever, Susan Cinematic Arts
Associate Professor and Chair
Race, class, gender, and sexuality in cinema; Latin American, Latino, and Third World filmmaking
Devon, Marjorie Devon, Marjorie Tamarind Institute
Dunaway, David Dunaway, David English
Oral history; folk music; Route 66
Duvall, Chris Duvall, Chris Geography
Associate Professor
Biogeography; cultural and historical ecology; African diaspora; food geography
Edgar, Heather Edgar, Heather Anthropology
Research Assistant Professor
Bioarchaeology, osteology and paleopathology, dental anthropology, biocultural aspects of human variation, African American and Hispanic American biological anthropology, forensic anthropology.
Encinias-Sandoval, Eva Encinias-Sandoval, Eva Theatre and Dance
Fiala, Robert Fiala, Robert Sociology
Associate Professor
Comparative education; institutions; labor force
Field, Les Field, Les Anthropology
Colombia: indigenous peoples, agricultural policy and development, contemporary attitudes towards the past, cultural and museum policy; Nicaragua: indigenous peoples, artisans, nation-building and nationalism, revolutionary social change; Ecuador: indigenous peoples, agricultural policy and development
File-Muriel, Richard File-Muriel, Richard Spanish and Portuguese
Assistant Professor
Spanish phonology; Colombian varieties of Spanish; lexical frequency
Fledderman, Charles Fledderman, Charles Engineering
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Plasma processing of semiconductor materials
Fleming, William Fleming, William Community and Regional Planning
Natural resource planning and watershed management: impacts of climate change on acequia systems, living roofs, modeling urban hydrology
Fontenla, Matías Fontenla, Matias Economics
Associate Professor
Economics in Latin America; housing in Mexico; globalization in Latin America
Forbes Isais, Geraldine Forbes Isais, Geraldine Architecture and Planning
Architecture and urban environments of the U.S.-Mexico border
Fuentes, Claudia Díaz Fuentes, Claudia Diaz Economics
Lecturer III
Health outcomes, access to health care access and utilization among minorities in the US and in Latin America; intergenerational support of older adults and old age income security; and effectiveness of anti-poverty programs and their externalities
Gaines, Sanford Gaines, Sanford Utton Transboundary Resources Center
International management of the environment and natural resources
Galewsky, Joseph Galewsky, Joseph Earth and Planetary Sciences
Associate Professor
Interactions between meteorological and land surface processes, climate dynamics
Gandert, Miguel Gandert, Miguel Communication and Journalism
Distinguished Professor
Bolivia, Mexico: rituals
García y Griego, Manuel Garcia y Griego, Manuel History
Associate Professor
Mexican foreign policy; Mexican-U.S. relations; border security; Mexican emigration policy; Mexican immigration
Gauderman, Kimberly Gauderman, Kimberly History
Associate Professor
Latin American history; ethnohistory; indigenous peoples; the Andean Republic; history of women
Gianapolous, Vicki Gianapolous, Vicki Dental Hygiene
Assistant Professor
Nicaragua: Oral disease and barriers to care.
Ginossar, Tamar Ginossar, Tamar Communication & Journalism
Associate Professor
Health communication; advanced quantitative research methods; intercultural communication; organizational communication
Goldstein, Alyosha Goldstein, Alyosha American Studies
Associate Professor
Globalization, neoliberalism, and social movements; comparative histories of imperialism, colonialism, and nationalism; modern liberalism and twentieth-century political culture
Gonzales, Moises Gonzales, Moises Community and Regional Planning
Assistant Professor, Director of the B.A. in Environmental Planning and Design Degree Program
Southwest urbanism; urban form morphology; informal settlement condition in global cities
Gonzales, Phillip Gonzales, Phillip Sociology
Professor and Associate Dean
Sociology of race and ethnicity; collective behavior and social movements
Gonzalez Lara, Ane Gonzalez Lara, Ane Architecture and Planning
Assistant Professor
Ibero-America: tectonics, assembly systems, and materiality of architecture, space, and geometry
Gouvea, Raul de Gouvea, Raul de International Management
Professor and Chair
Economics and business in Latin America; international trade
Guillem, Susana Martínez Guillem, Susana Martinez Communication & Journalism
Assistant Professor
Critical discourse studies, cultural studies, interpretive and critical approaches to intercultural communication, and rhetorics of immigration, race and racism in the European Union and the United States.
Gurney, Burke Gurney, Burke Orthopaedics/Physical Therapy
Associate Professor
Guatemala study abroad; medical Spanish; exercise physiology; orthopaedic evaluation and treatment
Hall, Linda Hall, Linda History
Distinguished Professor
Mexico; U.S. - Latin American relations; women and gender; film; religion
Handal, Alexis Handal, Alexis Family and Community Medicine
Assistant Professor
Ecuador: Social, reproductive and environmental epidemiology
Harjo, Laura Harjo, Laura Community and Regional Planning
Assistant Professor
Social movements; social media; Indigenous planning; human/civil/Indigenous rights; community participatory methods for the engagement, empowerment, and emancipation of marginalized urban and rural communities
Hayashida, Frances Hayashida, Frances Anthropology
Associate Professor
Peru: Andean archaeology
Hayat, Majeed Hayat, Majeed Electrical and Computer Engineering
Statistical communication theory; signal/image processing; photodetectors; optical communication; remote sensing
Heffron, Warren Heffron, Warren Family and Community Medicine
Professor Emeritus
Family medicine education in economically developing countries
Heinrich, Juan Heinrich, Juan Mechanical Engineering
Fluid mechanics, materials modeling
Henkel, David Henkel, David Community and Regional Planning
Professor Emeritus
Mexico: trans-border resource planning and management, community economic development; Costa Rica: eco-tourism
Hernández-Durán, Ray Hernandez-Duran, Ray Art History
Associate Professor
New Spain: colonial arts and architecture; Caribbean: colonial arts and architecture; Mexico: Aztec arts and architecture; Peru: colonial arts and architecture
Hinterbichler, Karl Hinterbichler, Karl Music
Spanish music history
Ho, Szu-Han Ho, Szu-Han Art History
Assistant Professor
Mexico: sculpture, performance, installation, and writing; practice of exchange; shared metaphors of economics and ecology.
Holder, Richard Holder, Richard Chemistry
Professor and Deputy Provost
Organic chemistry
Holguin-Chaparro, Carmen Julia Holguin-Chaparro, Carmen Julia Spanish and Portuguese
Lecturer III
Latin American literature; Latin American literature of dictatorship; Mario Benedetti
Hossain, Ziarat Hossain, Ziarat Individual, Family, and Community Education
Associate Professor
Globalization and indigenous cultures; international families; child development across cultures
Howard, Natasha Howard, Natasha Africana Studies / Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies
Latin America: Race, Critical Race Theory, Black Feminist Theory; (Re)production of antiblack ideology in the US and Latin America; Globalization; Cultural Studies
Htun, Mala Htun, Mala Political Science
Associate Professor
The question of when and why states grant liberal rights and otherwise promote the interests of historically oppressed groups such as women and ethnic and racial minorities.
Huerta, Gabriel Huerta, Gabriel Mathematics
Associate Professor
Scientific computing, statistics
Hurtado, José Luis Hurtado, Jose Luis Music
Assistant Professor
Music theory and composition
Hutchison, Elizabeth Hutchison, Elizabeth History
Chile: modern period; Southern Cone: modern period; Latin America: religions, modern period, gender and sexuality, labor
Ibarra, Roberto A. Ibarra, Roberto A. Sociology
Associate Professor
Race and ethnicity; global/transnational sociology; sociology of education; diversity in higher education; Latino/a societies and cultures
Iriart, Celia Iriart, Celia Family and Community Medicine
Associate Professor
Social determinants of Latino childhood nutrition inequities (including micronutrient deficiencies, chronic malnutrition, and obesity); health sector reform; globalization and health
Isaac, Claudia Isaac, Claudia Community and Regional Planning
Associate Professor
Mexico: alternative economic systems and gender planning
Jackson, Margaret A. Jackson, Margaret A. Art History
Assistant Professor
Art and visual communication in the ancient Americas; Moche imagery and iconography; visual cultures of ancient Mesoamerica; notation and visual literacy
Jacobson, Holly Jacobson, Holly Linguistics
Associate Professor
Intercultural communication; interactional sociolinguistics; discourse analysis; second language acquisition; applied linguistics in healthcare; health disparities
Jojola, Theodore Jojola, Theodore Community and Regional Planning
Distinguished Professor and Regents' Professor
Community development; indigenous human rights, indigenous planning, tribal economic development; microcomputer applications in education and planning
Jones, David Richard Jones, David Richard English
Professor Emeritus
Productions in Mexico and Venezuela.
Jones, Emily Jones, Emily Archaeology
Assistant Professor
Spain: Zooarchaeology in early Spanish colonial period in New Mexico and the Upper Paleolithic of Spain.
Jordán, Ramiro Jordan, Ramiro Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor
Multilingual ICT infrastructure in engineering education, enhance the engineering profession in Latin American and Caribbean Regions
Kaplan, Hillard Kaplan, Hillard Anthropology
Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay
Kaufman, Arthur Kaufman, Arthur Family and Community Medicine
Innovative education and service models to address community, indigent, rural and population health needs
Kay, Tamara Kay, Tamara Sociology
Assistant Professor
Transnational studies; economic integration; global governance
Kells, Michelle Hall Kells, Michelle Hall English
Associate Professor
Civil rights rhetorics, sociolinguistics, and composition/literacy studies; ethnolinguistic stratification and intercultural communication
Koops, Chris Koops, Chris Linguistics
Assistant Professor
Sociophonetics, Speech perception, Western Cherokee, and language revitalization
Lamadrid, Enrique Lamadrid, Enrique Spanish and Portuguese
Professor Emeritus
Mexico: festivals, ballads; Cuba, Puerto Rico: folklore
Lane, Maria Lane, Maria Geography
Associate Professor
American West and Southwest, Americas, Atlantic Basic: historical geography, environmental knowledge, colonialism, history and geography of science, history of cartography, legal geography
Lau, Eric Lau, Eric Music
Associate Professor
Puerto Rico, Brazil
Lehnen, Jeremy Lehnen, Jeremy Spanish and Portuguese
Assistant Professor
Latin American cinema; 20th & 21st century Latin American literature; masculine and queer studies; electronic media
Lehnen, Leila Lehnen, Leila Spanish and Portuguese
Associate Professor
Brazil, Argentina, Chile: contemporary literature and culture
Lemmons, Keith Lemmons, Keith Music
Puerto Rico, Mexico
Leon-Moreta, Agustin Leon-Moreta, Agustin Public Administration
Assistant Professor
Ecuador: public budgeting and financial management, institutions, federalism, policy analysis, and empirical research methodologies.
Linnell, James Linnell, James Theatre and Dance
Professor Emeritus
López-Chávez, Celia Lopez-Chavez, Celia Honors College
Associate Professor
Latin America: political and social issues, history, literature, and cinema; Argentina: impact of geography in human life of arid zones, political and social issues in the 1940s and 1950s (Peronist regime and Evita)
López Leiva, Carlos Lopez Leiva, Carlos Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies
Assistant Professor
Social processes of learning, teaching and doing mathematics; socialization processes and identity development of bilingual Latina/o students; out-of-school learning; critical pedagogy
López, Kimberle Lopez, Kimberle Spanish and Portuguese
Associate Professor
Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala
López, Miguel Lopez, Miguel Spanish and Portuguese
Associate Professor
Mexico: cultural studies; Guatemala: indigenismo
López, Nancy Lopez, Nancy Sociology
Associate Professor
Dominican Republic: race, education, gender
Lubin, Alex Lubin, Alex American Studies
Associate Professor and Chair
Critical race studies; U.S. /Middle East cultural studies; African diaspora
Martinez, Jose L. Martinez, Jose L. Law
Emeritus Professor of Law
Public interest law; Spain, Mexico
Matthewson, Alfred Matthewson, Alfred Law, Africana Studies
Professor of Law, Director of Africana Studies Program
Sports law; minority business enterprises; corporate governance
McKnight, Kathryn McKnight, Kathryn Spanish and Portuguese
Associate Professor
Colombia: recuperation, publication, and analysis of Afro-Latino voices in colonial Spanish America, gendered analysis of nuns' writing in context of convent social and political culture; Mexico: analysis of Afro-Latino voices in Inquisition trials
Meléndez, A. Gabriel Melendez, A. Gabriel American Studies
Professor and Chair
Ethnic life writing; Latino/a-Chicano/a film; critical regionalism; politics of identity in the Southwest
Meyer, Lois Meyer, Lois Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies
Mexico: indigenous teacher professional development; indigenous language revitalization
Milleret, Margo Milleret, Margo Spanish and Portuguese
Associate Professor
Brazil: theater, popular culture, pragmatics; Spanish America: theater
Montoya, Manuel Montoya, Manuel International Management
Assistant Professor
Geo-political economy; international finance; global structures; regional integration, particularly MERCOSUR, BRIC nations; economic development of emerging economies; world systems analysis
Montoya, Margaret Montoya, Margaret Law
Emeritus Professor
Latino/a legal studies; critical race theory
Moore, Jennifer Moore, Jennifer Law
Professor of Law
Comparative international law and human rights
Morrow, Baker Morrow, Baker Landscape Architecture
Professor of Practice
Landscape architecture in the Southwest; cultural landscape preservation; South American exploration
Nelson-Núñez, Jami Nelson-Nunez, Jami Political Science
Assistant Professor
Peru: comparative politics, research methodology, and public policy, with emphasis on non-governmental organizations, civil society, public participation, and public services
Nepstad, Sharon Nepstad, Sharon Sociology
Central America; Cuba; religious studies; social movements; political sociology; peace studies
Ney, Scott Ney, Scott Music
Associate Professor
Venezuelan music; maraca technique
Niedzwiecki, Sara Niedzwiecki, Sara Political Science
Assistant Professor
Argentina and Brazil: Politics of welfare states in Latin America and beyond; multilevel governance and subnational politics with emphasis on measurement of decentralization
Nitant Kenkre, V. R. Nitant Kenkre, V. R. Physics and Astronomy
Distinguished Professor
Statistical physics; nonlinear science; mathematical biology and theory of the spread of epidemics; quantum transport and tunneling phenomena; Bose-Einstein condensation; materials theory
Nogar, Anna Nogar, Anna Spanish and Portuguese
Assistant Professor
Mexico, Peru: Colonial nuns and missionaries
Oakdale, Suzanne Oakdale, Suzanne Anthropology
Associate Professor
Brazil: indigenous issues and history, ritual, cosmology, narrative
Ortega, Daniel Ortega, Daniel Law
Research Professor of Law, Director of International Law Programs
International law; Spain
Pareja, Sergio Pareja, Sergio Law
Keleher & McLeod Professor
Estate and gift taxation, with a focus on tax simplification and equity; environmental clean-up taxation
Peceny, Mark Peceny, Mark Arts and Sciences
United States foreign policy toward Latin America; Inter-American relations; international relations of the region; El Salvador,: U.S. foreign policy toward El Salvador, military intervention, democracy promotion, civil war and conflict resolution; Colombia: US anti-drug policies and civil war, collective defense of democracy regime
Pérez-Gómez, Jorge Perez-Gomez, Jorge Music
Performance of Latin American music; Mexican composer Silvestre Revueltas
Plaza, Veronica Plaza, Veronica Spanish and Portuguese
Lecturer III
Medical Spanish
Pollard, Howard Pollard, Howard Electrical and Computer Engineering
Assistant Professor
Digital design; computer architecture; parallel processing; digital signal processing; multimedia learning; programmable logic
Predock-Linnell, Jennifer Predock-Linnell, Jennifer Theatre and Dance
Professor Emeritus
USA-Mexico cultural exchanges for collaborative dance/video projects
Pride, Michaele Pride, Michaele Architecture
Community-driven design; public interest design; messy urbanism; affordable housing; race and gender in architecture and urban design; housing and urbanism in Cuba
Prufer, Keith Prufer, Keith Anthropology
Associate Professor
Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica: Archaeology
Quinn, Mary Quinn, Mary Spanish and Portuguese
Assistant Professor
16th and 17th century Spanish literature, especially the novel and Cervantes; secular music, in particular the vihuela repertoire and early zarzuela
Rapaport, Elizabeth Rapaport, Elizabeth Law
Professor Emeritus
Death penalty and executive clemency
Rebolledo, Tey Diana Rebolledo, Tey Diana Spanish and Portuguese
Distinguished Regents' Professor (Emeritus)
Latin American literature; Chicano/a literature
Reyes, Barbara Reyes, Barbara History
Associate Professor
Borderlands history; history of Baja California; Mexican Revolution; immigration history; Hispanic frontier history
Richardson, James Richardson, James Community and Regional Planning
Professor, Director of Community and Regional Planning
Land use planning; community development; negotiation and public dispute resolution; urban design
Rivera, José Rivera, Jose Community and Regional Planning
Rural community development; public policy analysis; water resource management
Rivera, Mario Rivera, Mario Public Administration
Innovation and ethics
Rivera, Susana Rivera, Susana Spanish and Portuguese
Associate Professor
Peninsular literature of the nineteenth through twenty-first century
Rodríguez-González, Eva Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Eva Spanish and Portuguese
Associate Professor
Second language acquisition; psycholinguistics; bilingualism; foreign language pedagogy
Rodríguez, Ilia Rodriguez, Ilia Communication and Journalism
Associate Professor
International communication; Latino publications
Rodriguez, Sylvia Rodriguez, Sylvia Anthropology
Emeritus Professor
Ethnicity and ethnic relations, tourism, ritual drama, land and water issues; US Southwest, Mesoamerica
Romero, Leo Romero, Leo Law
Emeritus Professor of Law
International law; Mexico
Romero, Levi Romero, Levi Community & Regional Planning Program / Chicano Studies
Assistant Professor
Cultural landscapes; Spanish as a heritage language; poetry
Rosas Lopátegui, Patricia Rosas Lopategui, Patricia Spanish & Portuguese; Chicano Hispano Mexicano Studies
Lecturer III
Spanish American literature; Luzo-Brazilian literature; 20th century Mexican women authors; gender studies; Mexican, Chicano and Latin American cinema
Ryan, Michael Ryan, Michael History
Associate Professor
Social, cultural, and intellectual history of late medieval and early modern Iberia
Salinas, Irene Salinas, Irene Biology
Assistant Professor
Evolution of mucosal immune responses in early vertebrates; interactions between fish immune system and commensal microorganisms; fish parasites and host immune responses
Sanabria, Enrique Sanabria, Enrique History
Associate Professor
Political and cultural history of modern Spain; religious conflict in Latin America.
Sánchez, Joseph Sanchez, Joseph History
Associate Professor
Spanish colonial research
Sánchez, Rebecca Sanchez, Rebecca Teacher Education
Associate Professor
Multicultural education; transformative social studies; history education.
Sanders, Heidi Sanders, Heidi Occupational Therapy
Lecturer II
Pediatrics; Community Mental Health; Neurodevelopment; International Collaboration.
Santiago-Díaz, Eleuterio Santiago-Diaz, Eleuterio Spanish and Portuguese
Associate Professor
U.S. Latino Caribbean literature and Afro-Hispanic Literature of Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Dominican Republic.
Santos, Richard Santos, Richard Economics
Economics of healthcare
Schadl, Suzanne Schadl, Suzanne University Libraries
Assistant Professor, Coordinator of Inter-American Studies/Latino and Latin American Collections
Brazil, Mexico: Digital archives, subaltern studies (ephemera, gender studies)
Schaefer, Richard Schaefer, Richard Communication and Journalism
Associate Professor
Mexico: immigration and journalism; Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras: immigration issues
Schepps, David Schepps, David Music
Associate Professor
Cello performance
Schreiber, Rebecca Schreiber, Rebecca American Studies
Associate Professor
Post WWII US-Mexico political and cultural relations, migration/immigration from Mexico to the US in the post-NAFTA period
Shepherd, Ursula Shepherd, Ursula Honors College
Genetics; ecology and natural history; nature writing
Shin, Naomi Shin, Naomi Spanish and Portuguese, Linguistics
Associate Professor
Hispanic linguistics, bilingualism, sociolinguistics
Sierra, Christine Sierra, Christine Political Science
American Politics, race, ethnicity and gender with special emphasis on Hispanic politics; social movements and interest groups; immigration politics and policy
Sims, Christine Sims, Christine Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies
Associate Professor
Keresan languages; language policy and planning; language pedagogy
Singer, Beverly Singer, Beverly Anthropology
Associate Professor
Mexico: ancient cultural descriptions/history; Brazil: indigenous film history; Bolivia: indigenous films
Smith, Lindsay Smith, Lindsay Anthropology
Assistant Professor
Forensic DNA, transitional justice, politics and human rights
Smith, Stephanie Smith, Stephanie Public Administration
Assistant Professor
Bolivia: maternal and newborn health policy; public and nonprofit management; global health policy; the intellectual history of public administration
Snell, Howard Snell, Howard Biology
Conservation biology of the Galapagos islands; evolutionary ecology; and herpetology
Solan, Brian Solan, Brian Family and Community Medicine
Associate Professor, Director of Family Medicine Clerkship
Immigrant health care
Sosa-Provencio, Mia Sosa-Provencio, Mia Teacher Education
Assistant Professor
Critical feminist ethics of care; critical multicultural curriculum/pedagogy, esp. for Mexicana/o youth; engaged literacy for social justice/social action
Stanley, William Stanley, William Political Science, Professor
Director of the Latin American and Iberian Institute
El Salvador, Guatemala: politics and history, institutional reform, civil war, conflict resolution, political violence; Costa Rica: politics and history, institutional reform, socio-economic policy; Honduras: politics and history, civil-military relations, police reform, social and economic policy; Nicaragua: politics and history, civil war, conflict resolution, institutional reform, police, violence, social and economic reform
Straus, Lawrence Straus, Lawrence Anthropology
Distinguished Professor
Spain, Portugal: paleolithic archeology
Takacs-Vesbach, Cristina Takacs-Vesbach, Cristina Biology
Associate Professor
Microbial ecology of extreme environments
Thomas, Douglas Thomas, Douglas International Management
Professor and Associate Dean
Internationalization strategies of businesses from Latin America; institutions in Latin America; entrepreneurship in Latin America
Thomas, Michael Thomas, Michael Honors College
Lecturer III, Director of Conexiones
Cultural Anthropology
Tiano, Susan Tiano, Susan Sociology, Professor Emeritus Mexico: maquiladora sector; Chile, Argentina: womens work and political participation
Tomedi, Angelo Tomedi, Angelo Family and Community Medicine
Visiting Associate Professor
Training programs for lay community health workers in rural regions of Mexico, Guatemala
Toro-Tulla, Harold Toro-Tulla, Harold Sociology
Assistant Professor
Comparative and economic sociology
Torres, Eliseo Torres, Eliseo Language, Literacy, Sociocultural Studies
Mexican-American tradition of curanderismo, folk healing culture of the Southwest and Latin America
Traxler, Loa Traxler, Loa Anthropology
Assistant Professor, Director of Museum Studies
Archaeological cultural heritage of the Americas; Mesoamerica; Maya civilization
Trinidad Galván, Ruth Trinidad Galvan, Ruth Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies
Associate Professor
Mexico, Ecuador; Global, transmigrant, and transnational issues of Latin American immigrants; Latina education in the U.S.; womanist/feminist epistemologies and pedagogies.
Truett, Samuel Truett, Samuel History
Associate Professor
Mexico: environmental history, comparative borderlands
Trujillo, Michael Trujillo, Michael American Studies
Associate Professor
Ethnography; critical regionalism/globalization; Chicana/o Studies; US-Mexico borderlands
Uviña, Francisco Uviña, Francisco Community & Regional Planning
Architecture, planning, historic preservation, indigenous design
Valdés, Nelson Valdes, Nelson Sociology
Professor Emeritus
Classical sociological theory; comparative/ macrosociology; Latin America; race/ethnicity
Valencia-Weber, Gloria Valencia-Weber, Gloria Law
Emeritus Professor of Law
American Indian law: customary principles of tribal sovereigns
van Reenen, Johann van Reenen, Johann Research Initiatives
Professor, Associate Vice President
Research, science & international initiatives
Vasquez, Irene Vasquez, Irene Chicana and Chicano Studies, American Studies
Indigenous Peoples of the Americas; Afro-Mexican/Latino Relations; U.S. Social Movements; Women of Color Feminism; Intercultural Collaboration and Peace Building
Vaquera-Vásquez, Santiago Vaquera-Vasquez, Santiago Spanish and Portuguese
Assistant Professor
Mexican American Cultural Studies and Literature; US Latino Literature and Culture; Border Studies; 20th and 21st Century Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies
Vidal, Natalia Vidal, Natalia Organizational Studies
Assistant Professor
Brazil: business and society; business sustainability; corporate responsibility
Villa, Kira Villa, Kira Economics
Assistant Professor
Applied microeconomics with focus on food, nutrition, health, and human development in the context of poverty and economic development.
Waitzkin, Howard Waitzkin, Howard Sociology
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Medical sociology; sociology of mental health; Latin America; social policy
Wallace, Belinda Wallace, Belinda African American Studies
Visiting Assistant Professor
Caribbean Women's Literature; Caribbean People and Cultures; Caribbean Feminist Thought; Caribbean Cinema
Wallerstein, Nina Wallerstein, Nina Family and Community Medicine
Latin America, especially Brazil: participatory evaluation strategies/design for evidence of health promotion effectiveness
Walsh-Dilley, Marygold Walsh-Dilley, Marygold Honors College
Assistant Professor
Bolivia: rural development, food and agricultural systems, indigenous politics; social theory
Welch-Mooney, Irene Welch-Mooney, Irene Teacher Education
Assistant Professor
Bilingual education; ESL/EFL; literacy development
Witt, Christopher Witt, Christopher Biology
Associate Professor
Andes: avian systematics and molecular evolution; evolutionary inference; biogeography of the Neotropics; hummingbird evolution and comparative physiology; high-altitude adaption; integrative ornithology
Wilcox, Sherman Wilcox, Sherman Linguistics
Brazil: Brazilian sign language
Wilson, Damián Vergara Wilson, Damian Vergara Spanish & Portuguese
Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Spanish as a Heritage Language Program
Sociolinguistics, sociology of language, historical linguistics, language change, and Spanish as a heritage language
Wood, Richard Wood, Richard Sociology
Associate Professor
Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras: Religion and political mobilization
Yopán, Rosa Vallejos Yopan, Rosa Vallejos Spanish and Portuguese, Linguistics
Assistant Professor
Indigenous Amazonian languages; documentary fieldwork; functional syntax
Zandbergen, Paul Zanqdbergen, Paul Geography
Associate Professor
Geographic Information Science (GISc); Geographic Information Systems (GIS); spatial ecology; water resources modelling; watershed management; community-based mapping; Brazil
Zuni Cruz, Christine Zuni Cruz, Christine Law
Professor, Associate Dean for Indian Law
Law and culture, including internal traditional and modern law of indigenous peoples domestically and internationally.