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K-12 Outreach: Teacher Reflections

The social and cultural processes that a student experiences are a key aspect to their success as learners. The following teacher reflections share the ways in which the content they teach in their classrooms has a positive impact on the sociocultural experiences of their students. They examine how culturally relevant pedagogy, specifically cultural content, can be used to empower these students.

Teacher Reflections These reflections were developed as part of a panel session titled "Culturally Relevant Pedagogy for the Bilingual Classroom," which was presented at "La Cosecha 2013: Advancing Our Language and Culture - The Common Core of Our Identity." La Cosecha is a dual language education conference held annually in New Mexico. In 2013 it took place November 6-9, 2013, at which time the LAII was privileged to support these teachers' attendance.



Note: Image provided courtesy of Tom Check, CC ©.