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K-12 Outreach: Curriculum

The LAII offers a range of curriculum materials to support teaching about Latin America and Iberia in K-12 classrooms. The resources are relevant across grade levels and subject areas, with many activities serving as interdisciplinary introductions to topics. The majority of the materials were produced with support from the LAII's U.S. Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center grant.

Lesson Plans - these materials were produced in conjunction with professional development workshops or education courses taught at the University of New Mexico. They provide in-depth, interdisciplinary examinations of topics that have ongoing relevance to the Americas.

Literature Guides - each guide consists of lesson plans and activities that accompany a YA novel featured in the LAII's monthly K-12 book group, Vamos a Leer, or children's books honored by the Américas Award.

Film Guides - each guide consists of lesson plans and activities that accompany a specific film featured by the LAII.

News in the Classroom - these modules bring Latin American current events into the classroom through critical consideration of articles in the LAII's Latin America Data Base.

Culture Box Guides - interdisciplinary guides which provide background information and correlating curriculum activities to encourage study of Latin American countries. These resources are part of the LAII's K-12 Culture Box program.

RETANet Archive - a grant-funded project which, in the mid 1990s, produced a remarkable set of interdisciplinary lesson plans written by 54 secondary teachers from public and private schools in 10 states and on 2 Indian reservations.