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K-12 Outreach


The Latin American and Iberian Institute (LAII) is committed to expanding awareness, knowledge, and understanding of Latin America and Iberia among diverse constituents. As part of that commitment, the LAII strives to create a stimulating and supportive environment for K-12 educators so that they can produce, enhance, and expand knowledge of Latin America within their classrooms. To this end we work with educators across grade levels and subject areas, providing them with the following resources.

Resource Overview

Professional Development Workshops: held regularly, these workshops cover content and provide curriculum related to the Americas. Topics regularly cover sociocultural content as well as bilingual and Spanish language teaching strategies.

Teacher Reflections: a set of observations and suggestions written by practicing teachers as they reflect on the ways in which the content they teach in their classrooms has an impact on the sociocultural experiences of their students.

Curriculum: a database of curricular materials produced by the LAII, including but not limited to interdisciplinary lesson plans, news-based comprehension activities, novel and film guides, and country studies.

Vamos a Leer Book Group & Blog: a monthly book group and ongoing blog focused on portrayals of Latin America and the Caribbean in children's and young adult literature.

LADB: Free News Articles: K-12 teachers can register for free access to an extensive database and current news articles written in English about Latin American current events.

Culture Boxes: a physical and digital program that provides hands-on materials and curriculum related to the countries of Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula.

Teacher Dialogue: through a range of ways the LAII generates conversations and information-sharing among educators, including a K-12 Listserv and Teacher Advisory Committee.

Classroom Opportunities: the LAII supports local events to provide enhanced and unique opportunities for New Mexico classrooms, including recurring youth-oriented local events and a Speakers Bureau.