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This dual degree program prepares graduates to improve the health of Latin American populations and Latino populations in the US. It supplements the MPH program with in-depth study of languages, cultures, and societies that will prepare graduates to work effectively either in Latin America or with Latin American immigrant populations within the United States.

Admissions preference is given to students who have public health experience, which may be in community development, research, health education, health science, health promotion, or other health-related work. Experience can be paid or voluntary.

The dual degree requires 63 graduate credit hours, as compared to the 78 hours of graduate credits required to complete the two degrees separately. A minimum of 42 hours is required in Public Health courses, and a minimum of 21 hours is required in Latin American Studies courses with at least 9 hours in each of the two areas of chosen concentration. At least 13 hours of the MPH component must have significant content related to Latin America or Latin American immigrant communities in the US, to enable the student to integrate the content and practice of the two degrees.