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This dual degree program is designed to train management professionals with special expertise in Latin America. The dual degree reduces requirements to complete the two degrees by approximately 12 hours, to a minimum of 57 hours and a maximum of 72 hours past the bachelor's, depending on the number of waivers granted by the business school for core requirements.

For the LAS component, students are required to complete 24 credit hours, including a minimum of 9 hours in each of the two chosen areas of concentration. In order to meet the MBA requirements, a student must complete 48 credit hours of study, unless the student is eligible to waive some of the courses. If waivers are granted, a total of 33 credit hours must be completed.

There are two fellowships that are available specifically for MALAS/MBA dual degree students: the Bank of America MALAS/MBA Fellowship and the Wells Fargo MALAS/MBA Fellowship. Both fellowships provide $2000 for one year and can be renewed.