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Funding: Visitor Funding


The Richard E. Greenleaf Visiting Library Scholar award provides individuals the opportunity to work as visiting researchers with the University of New Mexico's Latin American library collections, one of the largest and most complete Latin or Spanish American collections in the country. Invited to apply are scholars (U.S. and international), junior faculty (U.S.) and graduate students (U.S.) who specialize in Latin America and Iberia. The award honors Dr. Richard E. Greenleaf, distinguished scholar of colonial Latin American history, and his extensive career in teaching, research, and service.

Recipients of the Richard E. Greenleaf Visiting Library Scholar award will work to promote scholarly use of the Latin American and Iberian collections, focusing on objectives with specific relevance to the UNM Library collections. Scholars will have the opportunity to present their research to faculty and students during their visit to UNM and to submit a brief report. LAII will assist awardees in identifying and networking with UNM scholars in relevant fields.

More information about current and recent recipients of these awards is available here.

Application Information

We are pleased to announce the Greenleaf Visiting Scholar competition for 2016-2017. The deadline for this year's competition is March 31, 2016

Invited to apply are scholars (U.S. and international), junior faculty (U.S.) and graduate students (U.S.) who specialize in Latin America.

This year, the LAII will make one long-term (minimum six weeks) award for $6,000.00 and at least one short-term (minimum two weeks) $2,000.00 award. The award is intended to cover round-trip travel, local transportation, lodging, and meals based on the allowable per diem rate for Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Special consideration will be given to projects that utilize manuscript collections on Latin America, Iberia or the Hispanic Southwest. Below is a summary of UNM's Latin American archival collections, with links to digital guides for researchers interested in learning more. We encourage you to visit the University Libraries' website for complete information. Potential scholars are invited to contact Suzanne Schadl, Latin American Collections Curator, with any inquiries.

The LAII's Operations Committee will award the grants based on the relevance of the proposal to the unique holdings of UNM University Libraries, the merits and significance of the project, and the applicant's scholarly qualifications. Applications should include the following items:

  1. completed application cover form
  2. research proposal not to exceed three (3) pages in length (specifying which library materials/collections you intend to use as your primary resources)
  3. proposed travel itinerary
  4. budget (including travel and living expenses)
  5. applicant's resume/curriculum vitae
  6. one faculty letter of recommendation (student applicants only)

Contact Information

For further information and/or to submit materials, contact:

  • LAII Committee Graduate Assistant
  • Latin American & Iberian Institute
  • Email (preferred):
  • Telephone: (505) 277-7049