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Academics: Prospective: Undergraduate Admission Guidelines

General Admission Guidelines

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The undergraduate major/minor in Latin American Studies (LAS) provides a solid foundation in language skills and area competence for careers in business, education, public service, or for further graduate/professional training. Some examples of potential career paths include translator, foreign correspondent, international sales, interpreter, travel agent, ESL teacher, market researcher, government agent, peace corps volunteer, and global health worker, to name only a few.

To be admitted to the LAS program, undergraduate students must complete either HIST 181 (History of Early Latin America) or HIST 182 (Modern Latin American History) and be formally admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences. For further admission information, please visit the website for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Once part of the LAS program, students work closely with the LAS advisor in planning their program of study. All coursework taken in fulfillment of the major or minor must be approved by the advisor. The LAS program produces a list of LAS-related courses each semester. Students should consult this list to determine which courses are appropriate for the major or minor. If a student is interested in a course that is not listed in this document, he/she may petition to include the course in his/her program of study for the major or minor. If the course is deemed to have relevant and sufficient LAS content, it may be approved.

Honors/MA Shared-Credit Admission

In collaboration with the Honors College, Latin American Studies offers a Shared-Credit Degrees program in which Honors College students can earn both the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies in five years. For more information, please refer to Honors/MA Shared-Credit Admission.