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Academics: M.A. Student Profiles

Master's students in the LAS program are diverse, and draw upon a range of academic, professional, and personal experiences related to Latin America.

Featured Student

Devon Lara

Devon Lara
Human Rights and Communications; Health Systems Services & Policy
Devon received her B.S. in Biology with minors in Spanish and Honors from the University of New Mexico. She chose to also attend graduate school at UNM because of its combined Public Health and Latin American Studies dual-degree Master’s programs. Read more...


Student Directory

Amie Lee Belmont
MALAS '16 | Anthropology; Spanish Linguistics

Karina Beltran
MALAS-Spanish & Portuguese Dual Degree '19 | History; Spanish Linguistics

Alin Badillo Carillo
MALAS '18 | Indigenous Studies; Urbanism and Community Development

Colleen Chavez
MALAS-MCRP Dual Degree '19 | Urbanism and Community Development; Public Health

Alice Donahue
MALAS '17 | Spanish Literature; Human Rights

Teresa Drenten
MALAS/MCRP '17 | Indigenous Studies; Urbanism & Community Development

Jeremy Falson
MALAS '16 | Political Science; Sociology

Kalyn Finnell
MALAS '17 | Urbanism and Community Development; Southwest Studies

Adam Flores
MALAS/JD '16 | History; Human Rights

Valeria Garcia
MALAS/JD '16 | Human Rights; Political Science

Lauri Gonzalez
MALAS '18 | Indigenous Studies; Urbanism and Community Development

Sabrina Hernadez
MALAS and JD Dual Degree '19 | Human Rights; Communication

Jacqueline Kramer
MALAS '17 | History; Urbanism & Community Development

Nora Lamm
MALAS/MCRP '18 | Geography and Environmental Studies, Urbanism & Community Development

Devon Lara
MALAS and MPH Dual Degree '19 | Communication; Human Rights

Daniel Michel
MALAS /MCRP '16 | Community and Regional Planning; Economics

Elva Patricia Ordoñez
MALAS '17 | History; Political Science

Vicente Prieto
MALAS '17 | History; Political Science

Maria José Ramos
MALAS '17 | Gender Studies; Sociology

Neoshia Roemer
MALAS /JD '17 | History; Human Rights

Logan Shea
MALAS '17 | History; Urbanism and Community Planning