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Academics: Course Offerings

Because the LAS undergraduate and graduate programs are interdisciplinary in nature and draw on coursework from many departments at UNM, qualifying courses change frequently.

The LAS program prepares a list of LAS content courses that are scheduled to be offered in any given semester. Prior to registration, undergraduate and graduate students should consult this list to see what courses will be offered that semester that may apply towards their program of study in LAS.

Students are highly encouraged to read the introduction to the list to understand how best to use it.

As an interdisciplinary program, LAS relies on courses offered by numerous departments and compiles a definitive list of relevant offerings for each semester several weeks after departments have determined their roster of courses.

Students can expect a list of LAS-related courses to be made available at the time of registration for the semester in question (early to mid-November for Spring courses and early to mid-April for Fall courses).

On occasion, students may find a course of interest that is not included in the LAS content course list. If it can be demonstrated that the course contains at least 40% content directly related to Latin America, the course can be counted towards the LAS degree. Students should complete the Course Content Approval form for LAS approval. Students may also have a particular topic of study that they want to pursue which is not included in typical course offerings. If a faculty member agrees to work individually with a student on such a topic, the student may take an independent study (or "Problems" course) with the faculty member. Students should complete the Independent Study Authorization form for LAS approval.