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Academics: Career Resources

The Latin American Studies program is comprised of interdisciplinary coursework that aims to broadly introduce students to the complexities of Latin America. Through varied courses as well as study abroad experiences, students engage with the region through cultural anthropology, economics, history, geography, language, literature, and political science, among other disciplines.

Undergraduate Career Paths

Those who graduate with a major or minor in Latin American Studies have a solid foundation in language skills, cultural competency, and general knowledge of the region. Graduates are prepared for careers in business, education, public service, or for further graduate/professional training.

Graduate Career Paths

Those who graduate at the M.A. level or above may use the degree to pursue further graduate training or as an entry point for careers in government service, legal advocacy, community development, public health, K-12 and postsecondary teaching, international business, travel and tourism, or inter-American organizations, among others. Individuals who attain a Ph.D. in LAS are uniquely positioned for interdisciplinary faculty positions in fields such as art history, literature, or museum studies.

To see profiles of graduates of the Latin American Studies program, visit the LAII's Featured Alumni page.

Career Advisement

LAS students are encouraged to discuss their proposed career paths with their academic advisors to best tailor their program of study to their career objectives.

Career Opportunities

Students have various resources at hand to help ascertain job opportunities.

Within the University, the UNM Office of Career Services and the ALUMNI Career Center are available to assist students and alumni in developing, evaluating, and/or implementing career, education, and employment decisions.

Students seeking jobs in a specific sector, field, or discipline may benefit from looking at job opportunities within individual organizations. To facilitate searching within these organizations, the LAII has compiled a Guide to Job Opportunities for Latin American Studies Graduates. The list is in no way meant to be exhaustive, but rather is meant to serve as a guide to aid students in their career exploration. The list organizes job opportunities according to the following categories:

  • Government - US
  • Government - Selective Latin American Embassies in the US
  • Higher Education
  • International Organizations
  • Non-Governmental / Non-Profit Organizations in the US
  • Non-Governmental / Non-Profit Organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Think Tanks, Public Policy, & Research