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Programs in Cuba

About the LAII's Programs in Cuba

In 2013, the LAII was thrilled to announce it had received a People-to-People license which allowed for community members to participate in educational trips to Cuba. Given the LAII's success in securing and renewing its license, UNM is recognized as one of only a handful of universities to have secured a People-to-People license, which is generally reserved for travel agencies and chambers of commerce. This community-focused license supplements the academic licenses that the LAII has managed for other three decades.

Previous LAII-led community trips to Cuba have emphasized printmaking, sculpture, dance, music, grassroots organizations, and broader cultural practices. After being virtually closed off from the US for more than 50 years, Cuba and its people are now at a crossroads as the United States and Cuba resume diplomatic relations. Join us as we learn about the art, culture, and ways of life of Cuba as we meet and interact with its citizens.

To learn more, see details concerning upcoming programs and suggested resources for further learning. For a sense of what our trips entail, see below for a video created by a participant from our Arts and Culture trip to Cuba in March 2015. It was produced by Mason Video, Omaha, NE, and is shared here with permission.